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Erika Vallarino Erika Vallarino 345 Points

Who said science couldn't be both fun and educational? This article is a fun way to teach elementary students about minerals and other components in an inquiry-based way. They can explore with salt and ice and see for themselves that when mixed together, it can develop something delicious... Ice cream!

Anne Marie Wotkyns Anne Marie Wotkyns 649 Points

And after you let the students try the 'lifting the ice with string (and salt)' activity, then make homemade ice cream in tin cans or double plastic bags. Lots of versions of this activity on the internet. My  students loved making ice cream!


Yaima Rodriguez Yaima Rodriguez 600 Points

Hi Erika,

I completely agree with you. As teachers we can make science really fun for our students. This article validates that completely. What child doesn’t like ice cream and the fact that they have to make it it’s even more fun. I would definitely like to try this inquiry lesson in the future.


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