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Paola Reyes Paola Reyes 410 Points

Hi everyone, I know there are lots of resources that teachers can use for their lessons. I currently work with kindergarteners and have used Disney+ and Amazon Prime as a resource to show the students educational films such as films about animals/their habitats, or short kid films that have some type of lesson to them that I can then talk about more in depth with the students afterwards. My question is, what are your thoughts on these being resources that teachers can use now in the classroom? Do you think this type of resource is actually beneficial to the students?

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

I know you pre-watch those videos so you ensure they match your lesson outcomes and to make sure the videos are appropriate for you students. I think videos are very effective to show how animals interact with their envoironment. Children get a better understanding of different habitats and there is usually something they notice that we didn't realize would make an impact on them. I usually use the NSTA search bar and look for content here first. You can always ask if other teachers have recommendations if you are able to post your request in advance so they have time to respond before you need to teach that lesson. 

A C A 375 Points

Hi Paola! I think that these can be wonderful resources to use in our classrooms as long as we back them up within our lessons. I think the way that you are incorporating them into the classrooms sounds very efficient and educational. The truth is that children today are exposed to a lot of information and stimuli through technology and I believe that teachers should incorporate these types of resources in the class in order to connect to new generations and even keep them engaged. These types of resources also bring science to life before our eyes because it allows students to get more information from these videos than a picture can provide. 


Have you tried

-Mystery Science

-Next Generation Science Videos


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