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Introducing the A to STEM

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Natalie Smith Natalie Smith 310 Points

Arts are very important to our student's curriculm. I really enjoyed reading about this experiement that the students did because I can think back to when I have done very similar experiments. I would have loved it if while I was trying to draw what I saw in the microscope, if the teacher had talked about perspective like this teacher had. I hope the arts continues to be put back into classrooms instead of being cut.

Sidney Baumgartner Sidney Baumgartner 140 Points

Hello Natalie,

I also agree that adding the “A” to STEM is very important. As a preservice teacher, I think student’s creativity and uniqueness is very important to their learning. I took a class that helped introduced ways to include both music and art into our daily lessons or units. It was very fun and easy to do so.

I am also a huge believer in brining agriculture into the classroom too, since agriculture is around us no matter where we are located. I would love to share more about an agriculture system that fits well into classrooms and can be used for cross-curricular lesson plans, units, or semester/yearlong projects. I think the “A” can stand for both art and agriculture. STEAM will be impactful for the future generations. Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Ricke Elizabeth Ricke 70 Points

As a pre-service teacher I found this very interesting! I love the idea of adding the A to STEM as I believe the Arts are very important. I love that arts are being incorrporated into STEAM as art is something that some students truly connect with. I would love to hear any ideas or advice on how to incorporate STEAM into the classroom. Thanks for sharing! 

Kaydee Sparks Kaydee Sparks 1021 Points

I think this is a great idea! I believe that including art is important for students that express themselves through this medium. Adding art to STEM will help boost creativity in a way that is different from the other subjects in this content area.

Michelle Phillips Michelle Phillips 480 Points

I love this so much! When I was a life science student many years ago a lot of time was spent drawing specimens.

Here is a great resource I found https://www.nsta.org/science-scope/science-scope-march-2020/after-school-steam-club-connects-botany-art-and-gaming. I could see some of these ideas making a great activity for a STEAM family night or just a STEAM project. 

I would live to hear more about how teachers are developing STEAM in their classrooms. 

Ryan Dalton Ryan Dalton 190 Points

Hello, As a pre-service teacher, I am always looking for new ways and ideas to make my future lessons cross-curricular. I certainly agree that arts can heavily affect the motivation of students but also their retention of the material. I can remember to this day doing a cell model project in my 6th-grade science class and the information I put on it sticks with me today! After reading this article, I went on Pinterest to look for ideas to do with my future students and there is a lot of helpful ideas to get started. Here's the link, https://www.pinterest.com/IowaSTEM/stem-and-the-arts/ 

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