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Second grade help!!

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Sarah Hojnicki Sarah Hojnicki 820 Points

Hello all! My name is Sarah! Like before, I am having a little trouble writing my lesson plan, but this time, my substandard is: 2.4.3 Identify a need and design a simple tool to meet that need. One of my activities is helping the students see that helmets are used for safety, and they have to create a "helmet" using different materials, like straws and cotton balls, for a hard-boiled egg so it does not break when they drop it. I need help finding an activity that with either scaffold into the helmet activity, or an activity that the helmet activity can scaffold in to! Thanks for all the help! Sarah

Sharon Jacobs Sharon Jacobs 245 Points

Could you use a raw egg and drop it onto several different substances such as cotton balls, etc. That way the kids can try to figure out why the egg breaks/doesn't when "cushioned by the different materials. Are the students supposed to come up with the ideas for materials to make the helmets? What would be the properties/characteristics of a good helmet? Just a thought.

Daniel Carroll Daniel Carroll 18610 Points

A raw egg works better. It is often hard to tell when a hardboiled egg is broken.

Michelle Nguyen Michelle Nguyen 1255 Points

I think with an activity like this it is really important that students are given a lot of examples, especially for second grade. I also think using a raw egg would be a lot easier to identify as well when it breaks/cracks. Are straws and cotton balls the only materials they are allowed to use?

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