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Charlene Wetzel Charlene Wetzel 20 Points

Can anyone please share what you will include in your policies regarding BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS ONLINE DURING GOOGLE MEETS.


What should I include?

Patrick Thoms-Bauer Patrick Thoms-Bauer 1465 Points

The rule that I made for my online students this year, 2020-21, is that they treat it like they are actually at school, where they need to act appropriately by treating their peers with respect by not calling out and treat me with respect by not playing with items at their house while they are in 'class.' They also need to sit like they are in school, straight up in their chair than sitting with their legs behind their back. The webcams are tricky like the other two people stated about how a student may not be comfortable about the state of their house. I give students a pass on this issue two times so they can find a place in their house where they can work in place and not have the room in the background. I also put rules to the parents about how they cannot help the students with working on the coursework or on tests because I am the one who is supposed to help their child understand the material. I had a mom spelling the words to their daughter during a spelling test. So I emphasize that they can only help if there is a tech problem.      

Melissa Vazquez Melissa Vazquez 350 Points

Based on my experience with online learning, I believe the same rules in the classroom apply during Google Meets. However, some modifications may be done depending on the teacher. Requiring students to have their cameras on during the sessions will give the face-to-face experience they had in the classrooms. Another way you can insure that your online sessions run smoothly, you can talk to the parents and let them know of the behaivor policies in order to have their support from home. This way, you can work as a team whenever any situation occurs in your Google Meets sessions.

Zachary Kirby Zachary Kirby 355 Points

This is a pretty difficult question to answer. It makes it hard because it is not developmentally appropriate for students to have to show their camera as they may be embarassed of their home situation. What I like to do that usually holds students accountable is that every 5-7 minutes I ask the students a question and give ample time for everyone to reply. This usually works well because it gets the students participating in an appropriate fashion. I hope this helps!

Emillee Medina Emillee Medina 690 Points

Hi, like Zachary mentioned this is a difficult question to answer but in the classrooms ive observed and in my own zoom classes there are general rules. Some general rules that my teachers have is that overall treat online learning as if you are in a classroom. By this the teacher means that you must follow school dresscode, have your camera on and be visible, be prepared for class, and engage in the learning being done online. Students should not be eating in class or being disruptive and it is not how they behave in the classroom. Overall, from my experince and observations most teachers set up guidlines to have virtual learning have the same structure as in person class.

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