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Shannon Gordon Shannon Gordon 480 Points

Hello! Our district is going to move to hybrid instruction with in-person learning for part of the day.  What tips do you have for making this work safely?  What procedures are working best- for anything but especially for science instruction?  How are you incorporating science into your hybrid day?


Thanks for any tips you can provide!

Melissa Romero Melissa Romero 335 Points

As we are on our way to vaccinating our population and finally gaining control over this virus that has taken over a year of our lives, I am glad to see that we are finally returning to "normal." I think that the highest risk in undergoing hybrid instruction (with an in-person component) is the risk for the teachers and older staff. The district should work to not only prioritize the health of students, but the health of teachers that are not becoming front-line exposed to this virus. Where I am from, hybrid learning is taking place and school county employees are being prioritized for vaccinations, which has certainly helped educators feel more comfortable conducting in-person instruction. Students and teachers have also been given the choice to remain home for instruction or attend in person class. Another precaution being taken is that class sizes have been reduced to 50% and students come to school alternating on A or B days to reduce risk of spread. I think that having both students and staff members sign waivers that ackowledge the assumption of risk can be one way to help transition into hybrid learning as well. I think that mandating masks, maintaining social distancing, reducing class sizes, and contact tracing are all great ways of acheiving in person instruction safetly. At the end of the day, I think that transitioning back to normal is a risk but the reward of having students experience instruction and feel "normal" again makes it completely worth it (as long as everything is done safetly). As for science instruction, I think that for the time being, we would have to limit hands on activities and group projects which could increase the risk of spread. Students should also bring in their own materials so that materials are not contaminated throughout the school day. 

Ryan Bibler Ryan Bibler 95 Points

Our hybrid will just be the asynchronous afternoon lessons but in person. This is to keep instruction equitable for students that are staying home. I had COVID and was mostly asymptomatic. I lost my taste and smell, it is still greatly reduced. I am waiting to get the vaccine to allow others who need it more to get it. We have socially distanced desks. I plan on sanitizing between cohorts. We have not started yet, but I will pay attention to student health and practices. Good luck!

Shannon Gordon Shannon Gordon 480 Points

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post.  I'm glad you are mostly recovered from COVID and hope your return to school is safe and productive!

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