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Kimberly Regalado Kimberly Regalado 225 Points

I am currently a student at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and I am currently in the education program where I have been exposed to different pedagogy and curriculum practices. I recently read an article that illustrates the imporatnce of exposing young children to non-fictional texts to learn to read, while they are reading to learn. Instead of the more traditional fictional, big books, and singing route. Story time would turn into learning time, meanwhile still acknowledging the upper case, lower case and punctuations. This would improve childrens academic language and termonology. My question is, is there place for Discipline Literacy in a kindergarten classroom?

Jessica Holman Jessica Holman 2170 Points

Kimberly this is such a great question and I can say with great confidence the answer is YES!!! You are on the right track with your thinking though about combining non-fictional texts along with fictional texts. I have talked with several teachers who work with elementary age students and I wanted to share the resources that I often share with them.

The first resource is Picture Perfect teaching which you can go to the link here   These books are designed for Elementary school teachers who have the desire to utilize picture books in their science classrooms. The book is filled with ready-to-use student pages and assessments to aid in guided inquiry. 


The other resource that I absolutely love is Teaching Science Through Trade Books link here These books have lesson plans that combine one fictional book along with a nonfictional book as they walk through an inquiry lesson. These are user-friendly for teachers and address students K-6 (the books are divided K-3 and 4-6) I have shared these with many of my teacher friends and I am confident to say that you could read it and use the lesson the next couple of days. 

My favorite thing about both of these resources is their emphasis on reading in the science classroom. The resources are great if you are looking for strategies and lessons where you can combine the importance of reading instruction in the elementary classroom along with the inquisitiveness of the science classroom. 

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