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Great Professional Development Resource

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Wendy Goldfein Wendy Goldfein 2300 Points

The Smithsonian Education Center has partnered with FableVision to create a new professional development resource geared to elementary school teachers. (Yes, PD can be fun!) Grounded in the best findings from science education research, Good Thinking! aims to make this information accessible and useful for practicing teachers. Their latest video on the reality of the scientific method (an eye opener for those who have their students memorize a linear list)is excellent. These would be perfect to add to weekly staff meetings. They are interesting, brief and well written. Watch: Wendy

Kelsi Wiechkoske Kelsi Wiechkoske 1685 Points

Thanks for sharing this resource! I love the Smithsonian Education Center. I have found some great videos to use for Science lessons there, and they have videos and resources for children of all ages.

Jamie Wilder Jamie Wilder 1315 Points

This is a very useful and user friendly! Thank you for sharing. These videos are not only helpful for me but would be cute for students to watch as well. I love the idea of using videos that students can connect with and these videos can definitely do just while also being informative. Great resource, thank you!

Nancy Kaur Pak Singh Nancy Kaur Pak Singh 2900 Points

Wow! thank you for sharing this link. It's amazing and very user friendly. I loved exploring it . With the bright colors which makes it really pop out of the screen would make the younger kids interested in watching compared to the you tube videos that I am depending on now. Thanks again for sharing.

Brittany Vogel Brittany 1965 Points

Thanks for sharing this resource! The videos are very well-done, and address important topics. They should interest and engage students, and I think they would do a good job of informing students about different scientific topics.

Kayla Dornbusch Kayla Dornbusch 1565 Points

I really love that you have shared this resource. I will definitely check out the videos for my own use as well as use in my classroom. I might even share it with the science department head in case she would like to use it as well. Thanks so much!

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