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Lucero Garza Lucero Garza 485 Points

As a former student I remember enjoying using technology as a learning supplement in the classroom. We would use educational sites such as Brain pop to learn new concepts within the class and was very fun. What other ways could teachers incorporate technology for teaching?

Raegan Barrett Raegan Barrett 640 Points

Hello Lucero. Some things that I have used in my field exprince is quizlet, powerpoints, and diffrent math games that they can use on their laptops or tablets. I also used a clock that is colorful that counts down a timer for when we are doing group activities.

Aleeya Cheney Aleeya Cheney 610 Points

Hello Lucero, 

I have seen that fun timers or sound gauges are very helpful to maintain the sound level in the classroom or allow students to see how much time they have to work on something. can be used on the computer hooked up to a projector to encourage students to keep an inside voice level when working on projects, partner work, or even during inside recess. 

This is a great tool, however, just because your classroom is loud during an expiremental/hands on lesson, does not mean you should always want your classroom quiet and in order. Excitement and engagement can be loud at times; learn to embrace it!

Hope this helps!

Juliana Trigo Juliana Trigo 1300 Points

technology is a great way to capture the attention of the students and a fun way to get them to enjoy the class. Another way to incorporate technology is by using kahoot its a good way to get them to pay attention and answer questions.

Taylor Isaacs Taylor Isaacs 820 Points

Hello Lucero, there are many ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. You could do Kahoot, PowerPoint presentations, Youtube, Clever, Edmentum, or even Study Island. Hope this helps!

Jaqueline Briceno Jaqueline Briceno 880 Points

Hi Luzero, other ways teachers could incorportate technology for teaching is by creating presentations. Presentations accomodate for various learning styles including visual learns through images, auditory learners through music and sounds, reading learners with text, and kinestetic learners with the opportunity of interactive activities. Assignments can also be completed with technology and all previously mentioned can allow for students to be creative and respond orally with an audio, draw, or write.

Priscila Soto Priscila Soto 630 Points

Hello Lucero, I feel like as time goes by technology advances more and it becomes more useful in the classroom setting. There are many ways to incorporate technology such as by wathcing interactive videos, playing games to assess students learning such by using kahoot or quizzlet. There are also apps such as jabboard that allows all students to interacte by either makng a comment, asking questions, or asnwering a question. This is very useful because many students tend to be shy and can instead interact using this app. Ebooks are also a great resource that can be made avaibale to all students with the use of technolgy.

Tonya Wiggins Tonya Wiggins 810 Points

Hi Lucero,

Today world relies heavily on technology. With students being in school 8 to 10 hours a day. I think we should monitor time we allow students to be on computers, ipads, or chromebooks. Although it can cover more quickly. I beleive in being engage with student and transdsiciplinary strategies. Sometme it take being authentic project/problem scenario.

Priscilla Gonzalez Priscilla Gonzalez 430 Points

Hello Lucero, I hope you're doing great. I also remember using techonolgy and enjoying it. I also got to use Brain Pop to learn new concepts which was very fun watching. Other ways teachers could incorprate techonogly for teaching is by downloading science learning game apps on the Apple Store or even using Youtube for kids which is a safe web browser that can be utilize to help students learn.‹

Kristin Preast Kristin Preast 1670 Points

Some other programs that are great are Quizizz and Quizizz Live, and Kahoot. 

Cassidy Staudt Cassidy Staudt 1011 Points

Hi Lucero, in middle school we used an online science and math lab simulator called gizmo. It is totally free and has tons of different labs you can do. They also have lesson plans to go with them. This is a fun way to let students experience different opportunities you may not be able to bring to the school.

Cassidy Staudt


Joselyne Moreno Joselyne Moreno 630 Points

Hello Lucero, great question. I think technology now plays a major role in our education system and I believe its a great way to enhanced the students learning. Some ways technology can be incorporated is by using videos, educational films, kahoot, quizzizz, nearpod, book creator etc. they are many tools that will help keep the students engaged while having fun. Hope this helps!

Azaria Vasquez Azaria Vasquez 555 Points

Hi, Lucero! Technology is something that can be incredibly helpful in the classroom because it can help engage students. I have seen other educators use websites such as Kahoot and Quizizz to create games to help students review concepts they have learned about. You could also use Quizlet to create reviews to help students study, and there are different review games that could be used there. Additionally, students could use technology to complete assignments in a way that is comfortable for them.

Sherri Cavallaro Sherri Cavallaro 675 Points

Hello Lucero!

It is amazing how technologically savy students are today. I see it in students as early as three years of age. They grab their parent or caregiver's phone and maneuver so effortlessly to their desired application. In my current classroom, we have iPads available with learning applications like Clever, Brain Pop, Khan Academy and Doodle Buddy. We also have a promethean board and have students do a morning activity that requires the students to sign for lunch. Allowing the students to have interaction with the promethean board gives them the advantage to understand how to operate it. When mistakes happen, the students are quick and proficient to fix the problem with ease because of their interaction with it for the past 6 months. 

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