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Teaching science to Infants

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Megan Hineline Megan Hineline 565 Points

I am currently an intern for an infant class, 5-9 month olds. I have to introduce science to the infants, does anyone have any ideas on what I could do or resouces to use? I feel that it is hard because I cant actually provide a lesson for them, I have to let them explore instead.

Tamera Davis Tamera Davis 415 Points

Well at a daycare I visited they had a sensory garden that the infants could play in. Though many people dont have a garden it is possible to get flowers and leaves that the children can touch and explore, also finding plants that carry scents like mint or lavender can help you knock out two of the five senses. 

Terri Worrel Terri Worrel 675 Points

You could make a texture activity board.  One way I did this was get different textures of foam material at a craft store in addition to different textured fabrics.  I cut them all out in the shapes of hands because it was sense of touch and I glued the down on a display board.  This could be a good activity when the children are doing tummy time.  Have bright colors and different textures and it will keep their interest.

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