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Rikki Zink Rikki Zink 190 Points

I am studying to become an elementary teacher and am looking for suggestions on how to keep students engaged in scientific discussions in the classroom without boring them. Any thoughts? 

Harry Mazurek Harry Mazurek 70 Points

Hi First, it will depend on the quality of the student, and then the quality of your questions. Since you're a pre service teacher, that could be a real apprenticeship. Easier out would be to engage them with activities. See the Teacher Supplementary materials associated with text for a running start. harry mzurek

Katherine Schuelke Katherine Schuelke 305 Points

Look into Kagan Structures...they are very helpful with getting students organized and keeping them engaged in the topic. Also, if you have a chance to read it...The Fundamental Five by Sean Cain...short read but very worth it. Aviator pride,

Brooke Ervin Brooke Ervin 180 Points

I think that a good idea for engaging students in different science discussions would be to choose things that they are able to relate to. For example, a conversation starter could be as simple as asking students if they've been on any recent family vacations or trips where they have spent time in nature. You could talk about the different wildlife, terrain, or even weather that they experienced. This may be a nice way for students to create questions about these meaningful topics! - Brooke Ervin

Laura Cruz Laura Cruz 1320 Points

I think your lesson should be interactive, this way students are involved. Students like when lessons at hand-on and not just listening to a lecture, saying this make sure you done have them sitting there for too long listening to your explanation. Have them moving and incorporative cooperative learning.

Cassidy Gardner Cassidy Gardner 180 Points

A great way to engage students would be to remain enthusiastic and knowledgeable about what you are teaching. Students feed off how their teachers feel about what they are teaching. Discussion doesn't have to be whole-group or raising your hand to answer. Teachers should allow small group discussion as well as whole-group discussion. Allowing the students to discuss with their shoulder partners what they think about a particular question is also effective!

Daisy Mendoza Daisy Mendoza 885 Points

The students should be engaged and motivated from the start so it is best to start with an interesting hook. Also, have more hands on activities for them so they will not get bored.

Amanda Perez Amanda Perez 985 Points

I think getting their attention right off the bat makes it easier. Keep things as hands on whenever possible. Although, you will always have that one child who is always "bored" and will be off task. Try to be creative when possible.

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