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Jamie Ann Hart Jamie Ann Hart 2395 Points

How do you navigate integrating a 5E lesson plan with only a small peice of your day being for science content?

Ashalenia Graham Ashalenia Graham 985 Points

Hello! I agree with what has been said, your 5E lesson plan can be quiet long, but it is meant to last days and even weeks at times!  Even if you only finish a small part of it during that alloted time, you are making progress towards your goal! As long as you stick with it and intentionally plan for those time slots, it should all come together!

Erica Herold Erica Herold 735 Points

Hello Jamie, it's been a while since you posted your question, but I thought I would share a thought: your 5E lesson plan can span multiple days! I teach in a middle school with longer classes (85 minutes a class!) and even then I don't get through everything I want. Maybe consider engaging the students on day one, exploring day two, creating their own explainations on day three, you explaining on day four, then evaluating their understanding day five. It's a cool way to make one science lesson feel like a real investigation. 

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