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One of the things that I found interesting about the article was that students learn best when actievly engaging in an activity. Therefore, at the beginning of the article when they talk about showing a video to enage students at the beginning of the lesson, it would be ineffective; or at least less effective. I belive it would be more effective to have students egnage in a introduction hands-on activity rather than just a video; personally, I know that interactive activites have always engaged me more than videos have. Additionally, one of the parts in the article talked about how an important part of learning in science is explantion rather than facts. I really do think this plays an important part and the article is right when they say students need an explanation of why rather than simply facts to memorize; I know for a fact that I understand better and recall information better when I have an explanation rather than just facts to memorize. I really enjoyed the idea this article I had because the entire goal of it was to give students a deeper understanding by engaging them in new and innovative ways; however, at the end of the day it is important that the lessons directly relate to the standards you are teaching. Lastly, the article talks about the three-dimensional learnig; this is important because it focuses on critical analysis skills and students making sense of things that they observe. Overall, I believe this article had a lot of information about "hooks" within lessons and how they affect the engagement of lessons. I think that this is a really good article to look back to as a sciecne teacher to help me being a more engaged and student-focused teacher. 

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