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Integrating STEM into the Elementary Curriculum

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Wendy Goldfein Wendy Goldfein 2335 Points

We are huge fans of finding ways to integrate STEM into other subjects. We know that very few elementary schools have the funds for a STEM teacher specialist (but how awesome if they do!!) , so teachers have to find ways to integrate these lessons. We integrate engineering into math and science of course, but also into literature and history. We were invited to share our ideas on the blog "Education to the Core" and just published our ideas for integrating STEM into social studies. You can check it out at: Included are lots of ideas and a link to a free downloadable lesson. Enjoy! Wendy and Cheryl

Jamie Wilder Jamie Wilder 1315 Points

Thank you for this post! I love the websites you have attached and will definitely be making use of them! I am in school now studying to become a teacher. These forums have made me enjoy and look forward to finding and collecting resources I hope to use in my classroom some day. Some of the ideas I read about were great and I would like to introduce many of them into my future classroom. I especially liked the free downloadable lesson plans.

Jane Savatski Jane Savatski 1265 Points

Wow!  What great ideas.  You have inspired me to modify some of the lessons I have planned for our upcoming unit on Pilgrims.  Thanks for the link!

Kristi Brockschmidt Kristi Brockschmidt 2440 Points

Thanks for the links! I volunteer in a small school and really appreciate ideas and successes of others!

Sofia Carretero Sofia Carretero 245 Points

Great information! I never thought about integrating STEM into the core classes. Now that I have read the post, I will be sure to integrate STEM. There are various ways of doing this like the link to the blog post suggests. My students can try to recreate inventions from the time period studied in social studies. Math can be integrated with literature through word problems. Technology can always be integrated to all subjects by making use of the tools available in the internet.

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