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Scientist Pen-Pals for Your Students!

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Sarah Benton Feitlinger Sarah Benton 1775 Points

Have you heard of this program- Letters to a Pre-Scientist? You can have your students participate and receive letters from a scientist, or pass along to your friends who are scientists so that they can sign up to write letters.

Justine Sandoval Justine Sandoval 570 Points

I haven’t of this program! I think its a great way to have students get in touch with real scientists. I plan on using this website and have students write letters to people that research ideas and concepts that we are learning about in the classroom.  

Brandon Ishikata Brandon Ishikata 330 Points

Thanks for sharing the post! This is an awesome idea and I think my students would really be into it. I think this would be great since it gets them involved in more STEM activities and role models in the science field!

Liah Yi Seo Yi 1190 Points

Wow! I am amazed that this organization is existent and the letters to a pre-scientist kind of reminds me of pen pals but in more educational way. I think it's very interesting and exciting how students get a letter from scientist about themselves and answer to any questions the students have for them. I think it will build positive interpersonal relationships with the scientist and perhaps could become a role model for children. Once again,I'm fond to the pre-scientist organization and definitely will incorporate it to my future classroom.     

Sarah Holladay Sarah Holladay 20 Points

Wow! That is such a great idea. I may use this when I become a teacher in a few years. Thank you for sharing!

Ariana Rodriguez Ariana Rodriguez 290 Points

This is amazing! I really enjoyed reading about the idea of students having pen-pals that are scientist. I think this will not only excite students but get them interested in science. It can become a challenge to keep students engaged and excited about learning but I believe this will aid in that. It also shows how much scientist care about their work. It is cool to think that they are willing to share with students about their life and experiments. Awesome idea, thank you for sharing!

Gabriela Gutierrez Gabriela Gutierrez 1190 Points

This is a great idea for students K-5 because it will allow them to practice their letter writing skills and connect them to the science field at an early age. Depending on the scientists field of study, it will also allow us educators to explore with the students what a scientist is and how they play a major role in science. The only downfall to the program is the commitment and with the increase in standards, many teachers will find it difficult to stay committed. Along with prepping the students for state exams and covering all material necessary, one would find it difficult to maintain a year long success even though a letter is only required per quarter. The activity and responses does take away from a regular classroom experience and gives the students something to look forward to receiving in the mail. 

Shelby Brillon Shelby Brillon 805 Points

That is an awesome resource! I would love to use this with my students to make the idea of being a scientist more concrete. Students hear about scientist but they are often scientist who are long gone, showing them that there are still scientist today would be a great way to get them interested in the subject

Kim Duba Kim 380 Points

Wow! Thanks for posting this! I was just wondering hoe to get my students more engaged when it comes to science.  My students love listening to professionals and when we have guest speakers so this is a perfect website to get them excited about science and how they can use it in the future! Awesome Resource Thanks!

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