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Flor Baldwin Flor Baldwin 205 Points

What activities or ideas can I use to teach the human body systems to 6th graders? I can't think of anything fun or engaging to get the students to learn each system.

Debbie Rydalch Debbie Morgan 954 Points

Hi Flor,

Our health sciences teacher has our high school students do this fun and kinesthetic review of body systems. It's probably a little more advanced than what 6th graders need, but you could do something similar. Basically, the students stand and do hand actions as they say out loud the system and its purpose. After students learn the script and gestures, she has a video of the systems being highlighted and the students break up into small groups to do the physical gestures and repeat the words. You could even record the systems to highlight faster and faster to make a game of it. (Hopefully that makes sense!) 

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