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Stem lesson

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Meghan Richardson Meghan Richardson 115 Points

Hello I am a pre-service teacher and want to make a lesson with 3-4th graders making self sustaining ecosystems but I have no idea what book to pair this lesson with...any ideas? I would like it to be a book that can be used to form a problem or start the idea of how would "you" create a better one?

Susan Nguyen Susan Nguyen 930 Points

I found this cool website that has a book that could teach the students about ecosystems in 7 different ways. Hope this can help you!

Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12258 Points

Thank you Susan for the resource. Very informative! 

Sydney Schuler Sydney Schuler 275 Points

That is a really cool resource! Thanks for sharing.

Mycah Schmitt Mycah Schmitt 10660 Points

Within teaching stem to older elemntry how will you deleiver that within your classroom to grab your students attention?

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