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Heather Harkless Heather Harkless 385 Points

I recently read the following two journal articles:
Scope on Safety: Don't Bench Lab Safety
Scope on Safety: When is a classroom a laboratory?

Any location where science is being taught is considered a laboratory. Both of these journal articles were very informative and provided wonderful safety tips. These journals would be very helpful when creating a classroom safety plan and when evaluating the safety of all the materials present within the room. As a student teacher, I know that these articles will be very helpful to me when I have my own classroom.

Allison Gandrup Allison Gandrup 3800 Points

I think it is always important to warn students about safety, especially if it is something that they do not usually deal with. This is something that can teach the students vocabulary, and help them gain common knowledge within the laboratory. Great resources!

Kia Shields Kia Shields 3432 Points

Hi! I agree that teachers should create a classroom lab rules for students. Students need to know the expectations when working in the lab. It is important for all students to enjoy science experiments but safety is number one. I am also a student teacher and I plan on creating a lab safety contract for both my students and their parents to sign. I would send this document home during the first week of school. The contract will explain all of the lab rules students need to abide by. Parents should be informed of what the rules of the lab are too.

Brenda Velasco Mizenko Brenda Velasco 2695 Points

Great resources! Thank you so much for sharing. I always make sure my students know their science tools and safety procedures before we ever begin a lesson. It gives a good sense of responsibility and understanding of how to properly use science tools and materials.

Christina Charles christina charles 520 Points

I too read these articles and they were very helpful. I think learning about this early on helps us to become good science teachers because we will be aware of the classroom safety needs in our science classrooms. Safety is something important for students to learn and teaching them about it more makes them actually follow the safety rules more.

Alexandra Rey Alexandra Rey 6350 Points

Hello, These articles are fantastic to help inform teachers and students about safety. I also have been learning about Safety in the Lab in school, and I now realize the importance of safety procedures, planning, and implementing them on a constant basis. It is important that students are aware of safety hazards/concerns, as well as their parents. Great articles!

Isis Mena Isis Mena 3600 Points

Hi! Thanks for sharing! I definitely agree with your post, science safety is extremely important and should be taken into consideration when purchasing lab equipment, lesson planning, and speaking with parents (according to the articles). I believe being proactive is the best way to avoid any science conflicts or mishaps. It begins with sharing resources between peers and with research. Thanks again for the share.

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