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Remote Learning vs. Traditional Learning

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Raquel Cruz Raquel Cruz 380 Points

After having two semesters fully online what can I do to adjust to the traditional classroom setting. I feel anxious in the classroom as if it was my first college semester.

Raegan Barrett Raegan Barrett 640 Points

Hi Raquel. I also struggled with this a lot with once going back to traditional classroom setting. The one thing that realy helped me since all my professors have power points and sent it to use I would have them up on my lap-top. Then I would also take notes on my ipad. I also brought things that could keep me distracted (fidget pins or stress balls) but also still engaged in the classroom.

Summer Hall Summer Hall 190 Points

Raquel, I would suggest that you slowly transition yourself to prepare to be back in a classroom setting by taking it a day at a time and keeping a strict schedule for yourself. It is easy for remote learners to lose a sense of structure and make sure that they are being responsible for their due dates and assignments.

Valeria Davila Valeria Davila 500 Points

Hi Raquel! I felt the same way at the beginning. I struggled to adjust to the traditional classroom setting because I got use to online learning. Something that really helped me was taking notes during lecture and studying them after at home. I used to be distracted during lecture, it was until I started note taking on my iPad that it made me engage in the lesson and actually learn. Having an iPad has helped me take better notes as well because I enjoy decorating and color coding.

Emma Jerdon Emma Jerdon 70 Points

Hello! I am also transitioning from learning about teaching during Covid to teaching my own classroom post Covid. It is very different and seems easier than what I had to do during Covid. However, I am seeing huge gaps in students and learning. I wonder if there is a way to close the gaps. I am looking for information on how we can teach the students what they missed during Covid while also keeping going with new information. 

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