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Ashley Brading Ashley Brading 100 Points

In my field placement this semester, we have created what is trending right now, a Bitmoji Classroom. With this, it is an online classroom that is made with different characters in order to still connect with students. You are able to create virtual field trips, experiments, and other fun activities which is awesome for students to still be able to participate in remotely. 

Kiara Benavidez Kiara Benavidez 245 Points

Since virtual learning has become a thing this year, I have seen a lot of use of "bitmoji classrooms." I think this is a very fun way to make distance learning a bit entertaining to the students. The teacher can decorate their classroom in the way that they want, in ways to catch their students attention. For example they can put up a new poster each day. I am not yet a teacher, but if by the time I do become one, if virtual learning is still in place, I think I would have a lot of fun decorating and making use of my Bitmoji classroom.

Ashlee Metts Ashlee Metts 500 Points

Kiara, I agree with you I think that this is a super un idea. I wish and hope that we are back to semi normal when I become a teacher. But it is nice to have digital options to make these difficult times a little bit more normal. I like the idea of decorating the Bitmoji classroom and changing the posters. I can not wait to have a classroom of my own. Best wishes on your future classroom! 

Paige Morrison Paige Morrison 160 Points

Hi Kiara! I think that this virtual learning idea is a really awesome one! I am also a pre-service teacher and I love coming across ideas that I could potentially use in my future classroom. This one really stood out to me because the classroom can have something new about it each day, bringing the interest of the students to another level. I also think that it could enhance the amount of attention they are paying to class if they have something new to pay attention to every day. Not only could this grasp the attention of your students, but there are opportunities to teach lessons through your daily posters. If they see the new poster up each day, they might have more of an idea of what they are learning, which could tug at their interest as well. Distance learning can be difficult if they are staring at their teacher talking, but if you use Bitmoji Classroom, they would have the classroom feeling as they enter the virtual world of learning. I really enjoy this idea and feel like it could connect to so many areas of learning. 

Pricila Cavazos Pricila Cavazos 380 Points

Since schools are closed down, teachers have to do online teaching which can be challenging if they are not really good at technology. Thankfully, they’re many resources out there that can help teachers prepare for virtual learning. For example, there is “Bitmoji Classroom” that has become very popular these past couple months. The other day I was scrolling through YouTube and it recommended me a video on how to create my own interactive bitmoji classroom which sounded interesting, so I decided to watch it and I was amazed at how many things you can do with it to make it seem as if it was a real classroom. I think this is a great idea because the teacher can organize everything the way they want it and it will be fun for students to navigate through the classroom to find the assignments or links they need at the moment.

Nelda Calderas Nelda Calderas 220 Points

Learning from home can have students feeling more disconnected from their teachers than usual, the creation of a bitmoji in order to interact with students can keep them engaged, intrested and connected. I completely agree with you, this is an amazing resource to keep teachers and students as well, on track! 

Kelsey Funkhouser Kelsey Funkhouser 755 Points

I personally really love this idea of bringing bitmojis into the classroom because it makes the virtual classroom more fun and engaging for students. I think it is a great way to also bring in something that most students will be familiar with and really enjoy. I find it very interesting that the students and teachers are able to use this reasource in the classroom to make more of a connection with each other. I love this idea!

Katelyn Hansen Katelyn Hansen 745 Points

I honestly think that bitmojis are a great way to connect with your students. It creates a almost face to face interaction for the students. I think it is interesting that we are using bitmojis to communicate our emotions and actions for elearning. I think it is a great tool that all generations can use in the classroom. 

Madeline Henderson Madeline Henderson 120 Points

Bitmoji classrooms are a fun, educational way to keep students engaged and motivated to learn virtually. It is fun learning from a character that resembles their teacher and makes school seem exciting instead of boring. 

Katie Andrews Katie Andrews 380 Points

I think a Bitmoji classroom is a wonderful idea! It is a great way to engage students and make them feel better about not physically being in the classroom. It gives them something more to look forward to. I am thankful virtual schooling is an option because if this happened when I was a child, we just would not be in school at all!

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