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Student Engagement with Online Learning

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Alexandra Gamero Alexandra Gamero 465 Points

Hello! I am an elementary education major at Saint Peter's University, and I have found that student engagement is a very important aspect of any lesson. But I could not help but wonder if we were put into another situation where online learning is the norm, and how student engagement could be achieved. It is a difficult task in the classroom, I cannot imagine how it can be achieved online. I would really appreciate some suggestions for student engagement online.

Jose Flores Jose Flores 780 Points

To keep their attention, there are numorous videos and interactive games to help the students achieve this. Not only could it make the classroom fun, but it could help keep all of the students active. Another form used could be show and tell. Seeing they will be at home, they can easily show you, as the teacher, their projects or something they enjoy doing. Of course this would be a weekly task that can be done.

Tierra Jenkins Tierra Jenkins 430 Points

Hi! Student engagement online could be interactive videos, powerpoints, or even educational games. Games fosters motivation and engagement for any content or standards. Some examples include Kahoot, genius generation and more. 

Lori Davis Lori Davis 20 Points

Hey! Students sure can be engaged, and it's not that hard. More interaction, interactive videos, interesting tasks, group work...

Katelyn Vinson Katelyn Vinson 10 Points

Hello, learning at a distance can be hard and confusing for students that are kinesthetic learners (like myself). Recordings, videos, interactive tasks, and group work are all ways to improve the idea of 'distance learning'. 


Louis Legier Louis Legier 550 Points

Hello, yes distance learning can be difficult and it can be very challenging to achieve true engaement in the online setting. Fortunately since 2020 technology and inovation has been forced to grow fairy quickly. Programs like Class Dojo can be useful to encourage engaement through reward system processes. Also, when in a zoom or something similar, break out rooms and games have had success. I have noticed that brain breaks in the forms of short games can even be a good way to keep students interested in what is going on by giving them a goal to work towards. Other than that, just learning your students and how to communicate best is always good. 

Julissa Lopez Julissa Lopez 750 Points

Hi! I think that online learning can be very overwhelming especially for elementary students since there are very energetic. I think the best that we can do is try to make the class student centered in order to keep their attention throughout the class. I think it is also important to give the students brain breaks because it can be overwhelming just sitting infront of a screen for a long period of time.

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