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Found Elodea!

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 Shawn Clark 230 Points

In case some of you didnt know you can purchase Elodea from Petco.

Megan Doty Megan Doty 11847 Points

Hi Shawn, What do you plan to use these plants for? I'm interested in knowing how you are going to incorporate these into your classroom. Thanks! Megan

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

It's so easy to find where I live. I use it when we make 2 liter bottle ecosystems. Who knew they sell it at Petco?!!!

Courtney Johannssen Courtney Johannssen 710 Points

This is great! I love bottle ecosystems, and I never knew it was this easy to find elodea! Petco...who knew?? Thanks.

 Shawn Clark 230 Points

Cool, they are labeled as anacharis. I actually use them for my photosynthesis lab to demonstrate carbon dioxide consumption by plants.

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