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Alexandria Monahan Alexandria Monahan 370 Points

Hello! I am a future elementary education major with endorsements in reading and early childhood. I am currently doing field experience within a third-grade classroom and noticed that I have a student who seems to struggle more than most. My teacher and I have tried many different ways to get him interested and engaged in class but nothing really seems to work. What should we do? We have already tried to assist him by keeping someone by his side and re-explaining what is going on in class, and we have also tried to give him extra time to do his work. 

Anne Lowry Anne Lowry 7195 Points

This is hard to answer without more information.  With testing demands ramping up in third grade, I hear from other teacher friends that is when additional assessing might be an avenue to consider

What have you and the teacher observed with what his interests are, or how he pays the most attention?

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