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Short Films About Chemistry, video + lesson plans

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The Dreyfus Foundation has recently created Chemistry Shorts, a dramatic but true-to-life film series that communicates to a general audience the many ways in which the chemical sciences are having a major positive impact on humanity. I am writing to invite you to view these videos, share them in your classroom, and, please, provide feedback on the films and the accompanying materials. 

Along with each 6-minute video, a proposed lesson plan is included to incorporate the film into the classroom. The first two videos are available here on www.chemistryshorts.org

- Under the Skin, with Zhenan Bao, Stanford University: Chemical Engineers have created a synthetic skin that can stretch like rubber, carry electricity, and self-heal. These scientists have developed entirely new classes of synthetic polymers in order to create a highly functional replication of human skin. This video and lesson plan are available on www.chemistryshorts.org.
- Rewriting Life, with David Liu, Harvard University: The exciting new CRISPR technology, with its potential to eliminate human inherited diseases by using chemistry to alter DNA, has been advanced by David Liu at the Broad Institute. He and his students have changed the original CRISPR process, in which a mutated base pair in DNA is cut and replaced, to a much simpler chemical swapping of base pairs. This video and lesson plan are available on www.chemistryshorts.org

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The links are reporting 'Page Not Found'. 

Thank you Emily for pointing this out. I have added a better URL to the link and it should be working now. Please send us your feedback. Thanks.

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