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Jacky Echeverria Jacky Echeverria 320 Points

Hello everyone! I am currently a senior pursuing an elementary education degree. It is now coming up to be the final weeks of the fall semester, meaning, I will be starting my full time student teaching starting the new year and upcoming semester. Thinking about the start of it has become extremely nerve-wrecking for me! It has been a while since I have been in an in-person classroom, as most of my experience has been remote. There are so many 'what ifs' and questions I find myself coming up with everyday only making this scarier everday! What makes me most nervous is going into a classroom during the middle of a school year. The students already have a set routine and schedule they are accostomed to. How do I go into a classroom and be able to transition into it without abrupting their learning routines? How do I go into a classroom and create a place for myself as an educator? Will the students respect me as much as their teacher or see me as one of them? How do I blend my teaching ways with the lead teachers' with the possibility of them having a different approach? 

Thanya Bravo Thanya Bravo 460 Points

Hi Jacky!

I will be eventually be in the same shoes as you are in currently and it can be a scary thing. However, I remember there was a person who was student teaching while I was in 4th grade. At first I was confused, but introducing yourself to the students can help because they will have an idea of who you are and what you are doing. I hope everything is going well for you and you are being respected by the students as you are respecting them. 

Have a good day!


Hello Jacky, 

There are definitely a lot of 'what ifs' but excitement is truly the only emotion you need to feel. Yes, the students will already have some set routines but talk with your Cooperating Teacher and ask her what they are and how you can add your own twist that will make you feel like a valued teacher. I would also be adaptable and flexible when talking about different routines you want to introduce to your students. I would also suggest talking with your CT about how you want to be introduced in front of the students. My CT did a great job telling the students that we were on the same level with teaching. So my students from that day moving forward saw both of us as equals. All in all, be open to adapting and open to speaking your mind about things you find work the best for you. 

Elly Kumbusky Elly Kumbusky 200 Points

Hi Jacky, 

I think the best thing to do that will ease some nerves, is talking to your cooperating teacher about these concerns you're having. I think going into any new placement can be intimidating, regardless of if its at the beginning of the school year, or in the middle. My CT said on the very first day of school to the students that they have two teachers, and that the students should treat me with the same level of respect as they treat her. Letting this be known from the jump was so great, because my students don't see me as a guest in their classroom, they see me as a part of their classroom community. Once you're in the classroom, I think the best thing to do is immediately start connecting with your students! Making the connections with your students is so important, and you'll feel so much more comfortable. I'm sure you'll find that once you're actually in the classroom, the initial nerves will transition into excitement! Good luck this coming semester! I'm sure your students will love you! 

Riley Finegan Riley Finegan 300 Points

Hi Jacky, 

Talking to your teacher and the cooperating teacher about your concerns and worries about the year is important. Being put into a classroom where all of the students already know each other and are comfortable with the teacher is something that will make anyone nervous. It is important to go into the classroom with an open mind and a positive attitude. Your will slowly become a part of the class and not just someone that is observing them, The students will get to know you and love having you around soon enough!

Maddie Heffner Maddie Heffner 320 Points

I am also getting ready to start my student teaching once the fall semester finished. I have already learned to prepare myself in a few ways. First I let my cooperating teacher know of any concerns I may have. I told her about my anxiety and what I would like to start teaching first to ease myself into and get more comfortable. I have already learned a lot and feel more comfortable now than I did when the semester started and I knew I would have to take over eventually.

Yenedith Martinez Yenedith Martinez 400 Points

Hello Jacky !

For starters i want to congratulate you for getting this far ! I understand your nerves since I too will be in that position soon. I believe that the only thing you need to do is to be yourself.You have prepared yourself to be in this point of your education career.I am sure that the kids will take some time to get used to you being in the class with you but I'm sure they will love you! I'm sure there will be times where you will disagree with the approaches of your head teacher but as long as you talk it out and consider both sides of the arguments then there should be nothing to worry about.I hope you have an excellent semester.

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