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15-minute science lesson ideas

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Alecia King Alecia King 1505 Points

I have about 15 minutes each morning that I use for morning work while taking attendance, collecting papers or giving out missing assignments.  But, I would like to take that time to engage my students with a little extra science.  Do you know of any quick science lessons that I can use during this short time? The lesson can also be an introduction to the science lesson for the day or just spark some curosity.  Thank you!


Matt Bobrowsky Matt Bobrowsky 6410 Points

Give them some gadget to explore and try to figure out what's going on and what science is involved.  You can see more details in this article about Phenomenon-Based Learning.


Kim Silver Kim Silver 425 Points

I love the idea of a gadget! I have also found pictures to be very thought provoking. 

Alecia King Alecia King 1505 Points

Good idea to give them something (gadget) to figure out, Thank you! Yes, I saved that article yesterday, Thank you!


Sara Gagliardi Sara Gagliardi 985 Points

Have them explore the properties of a solid, liquid, or gas. They can write down all the characteristics they can find and they y'all can have a discussion on if before moving onto your lesson.

Melissa Espinoza Melissa Espinoza 310 Points

I was just looking at the 'Daily Do's' maybe you can look at some of those activities and try that in the morning.

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