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Jesus Belman Jesus Belman 300 Points

I have found that since distance learning and doing mostly everything from home, I have had trouble focusing on what i am supposed to be working on. My attention span has become very short, what are some tips if anyone has dealt with the same issue?

Elizabeth Inselmann Elizabeth Inselmann 1310 Points

I struggle with the same issue. I have found that sometimes you just need to let yourself get distracted. If something is just in your way and you cannot focus on anything else do that one thing then move on. You can only force yourself to focus so much. Hope this was helpful. 

All the best, 

   Lizzy Inselmann 

Chad James Capote Chad James Capote 180 Points

That's quite likely as we're forced away from school learning(public) to digital learning(private). It could also be the comfort of privacy. You could try using public libraries, open spaces like a lawn or terrace.  

Mya Violet Mya Violet 660 Points

Distance learning has directly impacted different aged individual's attention span. Especially those students who were stuck virtually learning for an entire year or longer. Something I have noticed in the classroom is including more brain breaks and breaking up learning is most effective. Even for myself as a grown adult I know my limits and break up my learning so that I am more efficient with the work I am doing. 


Regine Demison Regine Demison 1115 Points

I have always struggled with my attention span, honestly, even as an educator I catch myself wandering sometimes. I too see struggles in my students to stay focused on a specific topic for more than 10 minutes. Over the last few weeks, I've learned that incorporating their interest into the learning helps them. 

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