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Alejandra Garcia Alejandra Garcia 475 Points

Hello everyone! As a parent and future teacher I am looking for interesting Science online interactive activties. I really like elementary science because I think it is very fun and interesting but, I think it's more fun when it involves hands-on activities. Any suggestions on fun science actvities that can be done virtually and still be engaging? 

Denise Garza Denise Garza 535 Points

Hello Alejandra, great question since we are currently in a situtation were students are not able to go to school due to the pandemic. There are many great online tools that can help students learn science in a fun and active way. I remeber when I was in elementary my teacher would use this online website called On the website Brainpop, students are able to see videos on such topics depending on the subject you are covering and it demonstrate fun activites that are done online but still engaing in way that students are learning. It is such a fun educational student friendly website that involves hands-on activities. Like I mentioned the website is and in this case choose the subject science and you are ready to go. 

Judith Boyle Judith Boyle 965 Points

Hello, Alejandra,

Last spring while teaching virtually, I had my students take their iPad outside to find and photograph signs of spring. The kids found amazing things from meteorology to botany. They also had to record in their science notebooks what they observed and list five questions they had about the phenomena they observed. They had to research the answers to their questions and put their findings in a Keynote (Apple's version of PowerPoint) presentation and present it virtually to the rest of the class. We learned a lot from each other. Check out museums' websites for virtual field trips or tours,  NSTA's Daily Do's because they are wonderful, and the different Science and Children articles. Don't forget to take a look at NSTA's Teacher Tip Tuesday:Distance Learning Strategies. Lastly, look at the NSTA's Picture Perfect series. I hope this helps!

Have a great time teaching science!


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