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Creativity during pandemic

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Pamela Ayala Pamela Ayala 330 Points

Due to the pandemic, it can be really difficult to make class (both in person and virtually) interesting. Being online or with social distancing, including creative activities like before is not a good idea. What are some ways that you can make science fun in the classroom with creative but safe activities?

Micah Decker Micah Decker 130 Points

Hello Pamela,

I am a 4th year at Wartburg College, majoring in Elementary Education with endorsements in Reading and ESL. I agree it can be very difficult to keep students engaged during a pandemic, especially with online schooling. This lack of interest calls for teachers to create fun and engaging lessons. A science fair would be a great way for students to use creativity while still being safe. Each student would be able to create their own science project while being able to socially distance themselves. This is also just a great way for students to learn. Students tend to learn more if they are in control of their education and they are able to make real-world connections. Another great way for students to have science in person and still be covid safe would be to host class outdoors, weather-permitting. I hope these suggestions were helpful to you!

-Micah Decker

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