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Elianne Rojas Elianne Rojas 1270 Points

Hi! can anyone give me ideas on what project/lab I can do for second grade class for a life science lesson?

Jennifer Rahn Jennifer Rahn 67945 Points

Hi Elianne, There are thousands of creative, hands-on activities for elementary school students. Life science is an enormous category. What types of activities have the children been doing this year so far? Are there other concepts you would like to reinforce? You may want to begin by evaluating your objectives. Take a look at the "Picture Perfect Science Lessons" in the NSTA library. There are several books, but you can purchase single chapters and download immediately. There are also many activities by Page Keeley in her series "Uncovering Student Ideas in Science." Many of those activities are also available as single chapter downloads as well. At a minimum, search the NSTA library resources. There are thousands of resources available. If you need a bit of help finding resources, stop by and ask an advisor for help. They are a group of dedicated science teachers, many elementary level, that can help you navigate the search process and find outstanding materials. Good luck in your search.

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