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Alexis Swearingin Alexis Swearingin 4168 Points

Hi everyone. I am a senior at Missouri Western State University. Can anyone help me with the best advice/resources to incorporate STEM into my lessons? I would greatly appreciate it!

Katherine Alvarez Katherine Alvarez 1120 Points

Hi Alexis, I came across these excellent resources that offer great ways to incorporate STEM into lessons.

PhET's simulations: This resource allows students to participate in interactive simulations similar to the simulations in NSTA's Interactive E-Books! The simulations also provide learning goals, state standard alignments, topics, and teacher tips. {You can find it here -->}

NASA STEM: This resource includes a variety of STEM resources and tools for students and educators to use. My favorite part about this is that is includes a section called 'STEM Home Resources' for grades K-4, 5-8, and 9-12. I like this section because it at-home activities are great ways to get students to learn STEM concepts beyond school (especially during this pandemic!). I also like how NASA STEM encourages students to design and build models as they learn important STEM concepts! {You can find it here -->}

I hope these resources help you!

Ambriel Jacobs Ambriel Jacobs 1530 Points

Hi Alexis, 

I am also a senior attending Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. While there are many websites that provide great connections to STEM, I would like to remind you about resources that are so simple they are usually overlooked. In my classes this year, we have talked multiple times about networking and using community resources. In other words, bring in the professionals! For instance, during a lesson on weather, ask your local meteorologist to come into the classroom. By doing so, your students will be able to make personal connections with science, which is what STEM is all about. Thinking back to my school years, the days I remember the best were those that involved speakers. Science becomes much more fun when you can relate to the content and create connections with the real world. Thanks for asking such a great question!

I am now left with a question myself. To all of the experienced teachers, what kind of speakers have you utilized in your classrooms? What lessons are great for incorporating the community? 

All the best, 

Ambriel Jacobs 

Sherry Crawford Sherry 103 Points

Hi Alexis, 

I work for TeacherGeek and would love to send you some complimentary kits to help get you started. Email me an address I can ship them to: [email protected]


David Adkison David 10 Points

Thank you for topic!

It's great to hear that you're looking for ways to incorporate STEM into your lessons. As a fellow educator, I understand the importance of keeping our lessons engaging and relevant to our students.

One resource that I've found to be very helpful is StudyDriver. They offer a wide range of educational materials and resources, including articles that explore the connections between STEM and other subjects.

If you're interested in exploring the ways that ancient Greece contributed to the development of modern STEM fields, StudyDriver has some great articles on the topic. You can check them out at studydriver (click for info here). By incorporating these types of resources into your lessons, you can help your students see the connections between different subjects and understand how STEM concepts relate to the world around them.

I hope you find these resources helpful as you continue to incorporate STEM into your lessons. Remember, teaching is all about finding creative ways to engage our students and help them develop a love of learning. Best of luck to you!


Miguel Grate Miguel 20 Points

I think you should consider incorporating STEM into your lessons, trying to connect concepts with real-world examples, engaging students in hands-on activities, inviting STEM professionals to share their experiences, using online resources, developing critical thinking, encouraging teamwork and collaboration. Stay informed and seek out professional development opportunities to deepen your own STEM knowledge and improve your teaching strategies. For other learning-related issues, the experts at Essaylab are the undisputed experts. You can find them on their website you can find a lot of useful information. Thank you for your interesting question! I hope my comment was really useful for you.




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