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STEAM Activities for 2nd Grade

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Lauren Hammersley Lauren Hammersley 200 Points

Hi my name is Lauren and I am a masters student learning to become a teacher in childhood education. I have had a great opportunity to be able to do my field observing in a school where there is specifically a STEAM teacher who is like an elective teacher so goes into different 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms throughout the day. Currently most of the students are working on their science fair projects which in the 4th and 5th every student creates their own project. I have been able to help the students work through their projects which has been fun. However, the STEAM teacher does not go into the 2nd grade classrooms, and I am wondering about the best ways to bring STEAM learning into the science lessons in second grade. While observing, I have noticed that much of the science they are learning is group work packets and answering questions, but there is no modeling or hands on activities. They are also as a whole grade working towards completing a science fair project on coral reefs, but I think it would be awesome if they could use STEAM learning to help them towards this gal. Coral reefs is kind of a tough subject for second graders, as I think it falls under third grade standards. However if anyone has any suggestions on how to make these lessons more interactive for the students to stay engaged I would love any feedback. I just feel especially at a young age if science is taught with hands on activities it can change the whole learning process and children's views on science as a whole. Kids love to be moving around and manipulatiing things, but I am stumped on this topic and would love any feedback or ideas!! 

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