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School garden timeline

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Audrey Welch Audrey Welch 825 Points

Hello! I am from a very small, very rural school and we are just getting started on a school garden. I am familiar with growing schedules and such but how do you time it so the students get the most out of it? Last summer, I seemed to do all the work during summer break and the students only saw the beginning and the end. I want them to see the plants change and grow. We focused on vegetables (peppers and tomatoes). This year we have started a wildflower garden. I need all your tips and tricks to get the most out of our garden. Thanks in advance.

Hi Audrey. I never made a garden like the one you I am joining here to see all the recommendations.??

Yolanda Pride Yolanda Pride 410 Points

I have been curious about starting a garden at my school?  I would like to know how to get started with a garden. Did you do raised boxes or did you actually till the soil at the school?  Hod did you handle irrigation? Etc?

Audrey Welch Audrey Welch 825 Points

We actually recieved a grant from our local power company (TVA) to get the garden started. We purchased a small greenhouse, raised beds and verticle planters. For water, we purchased two rain barrels and attached a hose. 

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