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Zackary Anderson Zackary Anderson 615 Points

Project-Based learning is somewhat new learning style. It works excellent in science classrooms as students can forumlate ideas for real world problems. In my experiences with project-based learning as a student, it can be small or large scale. Small scale projects can include day or week long investigations such as building a car or disecting a flatworm. Longer, and larger events can enable students to work with the community. Some large scale projects I have seen done by classrooms have been app development, event planning, and presenting to a community council. Since the pandemic first hit, many project based classrooms had to turn in order to continue learning. Students in Online Project Classrooms at my school had many difficulties at first adapting their projects. First learning how to communicate more efficiently and effectively online was difficult. Our school used Microsoft Teams. MS Teams worked well to give ways to share information and files easily while in calls with peers. Students could also freely call their peers outside of class within the setup groups. After adapting communication, my friends and I had to discover ways to modify our projects. Because we could not meet in person, we went to CAD software to model. While this is not as viable for all disciplines, using modeling software that enabled us to freely create what we needed aided well. Our teacher guided us along the way and checked in with our projects frequently. Having a motivation from these meetings helped push us to compete the projects while distanced.

Matthew Hartman Matthew Hartman 2865 Points

If you haven't you should check out eCYBERMISSION. It's a STEM competition that allows students to do projects very similar to what you're discussing and win prizes for them! And it's free to participate. Check it out

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