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Claudia Diaz Claudia Bolanos 1408 Points

Does anyone have any ideas or know of any resources on how to go about teaching high school students the digestive/excretory system, where healthy nutrition is the guiding principle?

Maria Lizarazo Maria Lizarazo 2560 Points

Hello Claudia, I found two journals that might provide you with helpful information about healthy nutrition and the digestive system. One is named what choices lead to a healthy lifestyles? it is a two hour on-line interactive inquiry based content modules that help teachers better understand the science content they teach. The second one is named Big Mac and Healthy teens, exploring fast food as part of a healthy adolescent lifestyles. hope it helps you, Maria L

Janice Novello Janice Novello 6985 Points

Thank you. I can really use this.

Kian Danaee Erica Danaee 3055 Points

You could always have students depict the journey of different kinds of food from start to finish in a human-sized graphic organizer or something similar. You could assign each group different organs to elaborate on their role in digestion. When I taught A&P my students really enjoyed this animated walk through, as well:

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