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Chloe Nixon Chloe Nixon 950 Points

Hello! I am doing a class project about classroom budgets in my science methods course. I was wondering if you guys could give me any advice on how much money you recieve for a budget for your classroom? I know you may not have a budget. However, if you do, what is the common amount? Thank you!


Chloe Nixon 

Wartburg College '24

Preservice Teacher

Bejanae Kareem Bejanae Kareem 1070 Points

At our school, we did not receive a classroom budget. However, each teacher would receive a monthly reem of paper to make copies, received some basic office supplies, and had access to supplies in the teacher work room or art room. On occasions we would request additional items from a school administrator or instructional coach provided is was an allowable school budget expense and there was funds left. As a result, here's a resource I created for teachers who don't have or have a limited school budget to purchase the materials needed for instruction.

Dr. Sue Cottingham Sue Cottingham 1583 Points

I think this depends on your district and grade level. Our district provides about 1000 to the elementary schools at each grade level for science budget and 2500 at the middle school level per grade level. The high schools receive even more per department. I will say that science is funded more than other subjects due to the need for more supplies. I know that ELA, SS, Math etc receive much less because they don't have the consumables that science does.

Stacy Wolff Stacy Wolff 1140 Points

Hi! I receive $300 in classroom consumables for my elementary science lab (approximately 500 students seen per month). I hope this helps with your research!


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