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Margaret Ward Margaret Ward 180 Points

What is an interactive and engaging activity about astronomy for a third grade classroom?

Scott Gierasch Scott Gierasch 1415 Points

I just completed an interesting activity in a course on teaching elementary science.  Students were paired up and given a planet, a moon, or an asteroid and tasked with making an alien from that astronomical body.  I thought it was a great project because it required students to research their planet, moon, or asteroid and find out a few characteristics that make life on that body difficult if not impossible.  Then the students had to design an alien that could survive in spite of those planetary characteristics.  Students had to give a short presentation on their planet and alien to share what they learned.  I really enjoyed it.

Marisol Lara Marisol Lara 1185 Points

One activity that you can do to when teaching about astronomy is to ask students to draw the moon for a period of one month. This activity can help the students see that the moon changes phases and that theirs a specific pattern. Then after one month you can teach about the different phases and its phase name.

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