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Ashley Rivera Lopez Ashley Rivera Lopez 220 Points

Recently on my education program, a professor introduced a notebook recording for science to use at an elementary level.  I was hoping to get some more ideas on how to organize the entries and what kind of other activities can I include for the notebook?

Laura Riley Laura Riley 395 Points

This book is a great starting point for using Science Notebooks in your classroom.

Science Notebooks: Writing about Inquiry by Lori Fulton & Brian Campbell


Good luck!

Riley Tagawa Riley Tagawa 645 Points

Hey Ashley,

My professor gave us some insight with notebook recording as well, and it's definitely given me a new perspective of the use of notebooks. She's been going over phenomena when students need to record down their observations, insight, prior knowledge, generally anything that can be accounted for to demonstrate the engagement within your students. So activities that involve observational skills and the use of their five senses would be a great start to creating their notebooks. For example, an activity where the students partner up and need to use the five senses to describe to their partner what fruit it is without actually saying the name of the fruit. 

If I were to organize the enteries, I would base it on the standards you wish to touch on as the school year goes on. For example, divide the notebook pages based on the NGSS topics, which is life science, earth and space science, and physical science, then fill each section in that relates to that topic. So, if you have 100 pages in your notebook, approximately 33 pages will be sectioned off for each topic and the students can write in their enteries with the designated section.

Hopefully that makes sense, but this is something I would like to try when I have a classroom of my own!

Joanne Park Joanne Park 685 Points

Hey Ashley,

I am pre-service teacehr and my mentor teacher have students make science journal. They are recoarding everything that is relate to the science in that journal. We just made the terrarium with the students and they are recording the data in the journal. And there is vocabulary section where they put the new vocabulary that they learn in that section. They do every writing in that journal that is relate to science. It's great, kids know what do to and where do to when we do science. Also, in this way you can incorporate writing into the content!


Sana Nazar Sana Nazar 480 Points

Hey Ashley!

This book chapter has some great ideas on how to incorporate writing in science notebooks. There are paragraph/ sentence starters and it also includes a guide on how to assess these notebooks.

Hope it helps!

Olivia Frick Olivia Frick 2080 Points

Hi Ashley!

I know most teachers have a vocabulary section and an observations sections separated out while leaving room for whatever the activity calls for! 

Joanne Park Joanne Park 685 Points


In my county, they give us instruction on how to set up the sicence notebook and which activity goes in the notebook. you should check with the county or your mentor teacher about how the county does with notebook. It usually give you packet and notebook instruction!


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