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Topic: Common Mistakes to be avoided in Personal Statement – 2021 Guide

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Aria Carina Aria Carina 40 Points

A personal statement is defined as a brief personal summary that is given to employers to let them know about you. It is also a brief self-summarized account that is required in universities or colleges. In other words, a personal statement is more like a CV as it helps others know about your skills, qualities, and competencies. It is provided to help others know about your ability before they choose someone else over you.

Once I had to write a personal statement and it left me in a great misery because it is one of the central parts of professional life and any mistake can hit my living or my dream job. Considering the severity of the situation, I consulted an essay writing service to provide me with an Essay Writing Service who can help me with my personal statement. They not only helped me with the content but I learned about some common mistakes that need to be avoided.

1- Avoid clichés

One of the most common mistakes in writing a personal statement is the inclusion of clichés. These are unintentional errors that can hamper the quality of the text. No doubt, a personal statement is all about you but it requires creativity rather than the bulk of words that add exaggeration or doesn’t make any sense at all.

2- Avoid redundancy

In order to write a commendable personal statement, try to avoid redundancy. Here it is all about the choice of things to write. Never write about your grades, GPA, or the awards that you have received because there is detailed information about all the achievements in the other related documents. Here, try to quote the things and skills that you haven’t quoted anywhere and they are unique enough to be appreciated and counted.

3- Grammar 

If you want to make your personal statement appealing and worth reading, focus more on quality rather than quantity. There are numerous instances when students focus on the length of the text and half of the text is full of grammatical errors. Such actions not only compromise the quality of personal statement but it leaves a bad impression on the mind of the reader.

4- Avoid Slangs

One of the most common mistakes that students or even professionals make while writing a personal statement is the negligence towards slang. Although slang has become one of the parts of daily language still there is no space for such words in Essay Writer. A lot of people lose reputation and their efforts are not appreciated because they fail to adhere to standards.

5- Avoid quotes

Adding quotes has become one of the standards for writing influential text. In general connotation, quotations are considered to be a scholarly approach but the case is different when it comes to the personal statement. Actually, personal statement directly means something that is extracted out of yourself and quotes are not YOUR words so quotations should not be included 

6- Avoid plagiarism

The Internet has brought great ease to almost all the tasks of daily life. One can find a large number of personal statements online but it is not academically right to copy them. There is no justification for plagiarism and it is necessary to avoid any such action as it can be a huge question mark on the credibility of your work. Apart from academic integrity, submitting plagiarized work will have a negative impact on the worth of your skills and the practical approach of your personal values. So, it is highly recommended to avoid any such chance or captivity.

Considering the above-mentioned points, you will be able to write a personal statement that will be free of some common and significant mistakes. Above all, make sure to proofread your work as it will serve as a cherry on Write my essay.

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Elizabeth Caroll Elizabeth Caroll 40 Points

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