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Fun resource for science teaching!!

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Karyn Wathen Karyn Wathen 145 Points

Hi everyone,

I was browsing for some fun resources to make teaching science more engaging for the students and the teacher.  I found an interesting website called Ambitious Science Teaching ( The website includes linked tools for planning, questioning, ideas from students, evidence-based explanations, a video gallery to explore, and a teacher blog. I love being able to hear from other teachers that are going through the same trials and tribulations as I am. Even if you aren't a science teacher and you just LOVE exploring or want to have some fun resources for your kids at home, this is still a great site. You could recreate some of these ideas/videos at home to experiment. I hope you love it as much as I do! :) 

Amber Kaulia Amber Kaulia 500 Points

Hi Karyn!

Thank you for sharing such a great resource! As a teacher candidate, I found this website very helpful to find tools and lessons that I can share with my mentor teacher to possibly teach in the classroom. I am currently developing a science lesson plan, and will definitely refer to this. Much appreciated! 

Noe Seaman Noe Seaman 670 Points

Hey Karyn! 

I think that the website that you found is awesome! I am currently a pre-service teacher and one of my goals was to find an engaging kid friendly website for my students and this fell perfectly with it. I can also add this to my resource list for when I become a teacher and also hopefully with my kids in the future. I think exploring science is a great way for students to learn! 

Tiffany Alfaro Tiffany Alfaro 810 Points

Aloha Karyn, 

Thank you so much for sharing this resource with us! As a college student entering my student teaching semester, I'm always looking for resources to help me for what's to come. I love learning about science, but teaching science is like a whole other animal. My creative juices aren't all there when it comes to science, so having a free resource like this to support me makes me less nervous about teaching science.


Jade Carter Jade Carter 2090 Points

Hi Karyn,

I am a preservice teacher and found your website to be very insightful. I will definitely utilize the tools included to engage my students while also challenging them. I also loved the teacher blog as well. I think it's cool to be able to chat with other teachers about what worked and didn't work for them. I think this will be very beneficial to me while I teach science.


Jesslynn Preston Jesslynn Preston 645 Points

Aloha Karyn,

Thank you so much for sharing this website with us! I could have definitely used this when I was planning to teach my science lesson to my students this past week. I love how easy it is to access content and materials needed from the website, I will definitely keep this as a bookmark on my computer! 


Haunani Preston 

Nichole Yamauchi Nichole Yamauchi 605 Points

Hi Karyn, 


Thanks for sharing this resource. As a pre service teacher, i am excited to explore this resource for my future classroom. I think this is a great resource to help me start planning what I could do for my class and what topics I could do. This helped me see resources tht helped me develop me lesson.



Angelica Otanes Angelica Otanes 920 Points

Hi Karyn, 

Thank you for sharing this resource. I am a pre service teacher and think this a great resource to use in my future classroom.


Thank you!

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