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Emily Jones Emily Jones 1435 Points

This article was short and to the point.  It showed an innovative way to teach literature through Science by way of poetry.  The authors gave step by step instructions of how to grow an avocado plant from an avocado pit.  My mother-in-law always had these growing on her kitchen counter and I often wondered how she sustained them so well without using soil.  The article pared the instructions for growing the plant with a catchy, student friendly poem.

     This article offers so much learning in a short, compacted presentation. Sure would be awesome if lesson plans could be this brief and to the point.  The article includes built in lessons like vocabulary, learning the parts of a plant, growing a plant without soil, and reciting poetry. I loved the collaborations encouraged through the creation of small teams.

     Ultimately, this lesson/activity can teach several key skills like poetry, genres of poetry, stanzas, sequence or the order of steps taken in the outlined process, real life application skills, recycling, drawing a connection between Literature and Science.  The relevance of the article is proven in its presentation of key related standards and learning targets. Though concise, it provides you with everything you need to teach the lesson and activity.  Anyone would be able to implement this lesson because of its simplicity.  A teacher could also include a mini lesson on temporal words in describing the sequence of the process as well as cardinal numbers in comparison.


 Vardell, S., & Wong, J. (2020). Doing Science at Home. Science & Children, 57(5), 29.


Janet Wong Janet Wong 60 Points

Dear Emily:

YES! I loved reading your insights and I am so happy that you are finding 'The Poetry of Science' to be useful!!

Grateful for your comments,

Janet Wong

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