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What is the best way to teach Science?

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Deborah Federico Deborah Federico 350 Points

Hi, I am a Senior is College and I've been thinking of ways I would teach my future students and i want to know what would be a good way to integrate science in my classroom to be fun. I want my students to be eager about the subject and for them to have the desire to learn. Is there interactive websites, games, or any sort of tools that would be recommended that way we can have fun wile learning?

Kassandra Martinez Kassandra Martinez 440 Points

Hello Deborah! I was also very curious to this question so I searched up tips and trick for a first year science teacher. Here is some of the things I found: Using an interactive notebook, prep vocabulary, decorate and set up your classroom, consider what type of instruction you will deliver? Be very enthuistiatic when teaching! You're excitement to teach science will make them excited to learn. Now a days with all this technology there is so much we can incorporate in the classroom from videos to interactive games :) 

Matt Bobrowsky Matt Bobrowsky 6410 Points

Most engaging will be to have students participate in actual scientific investigations. Have them work in groups (so they'll talk to each other, learn from each other, and get used to using the language of science) and explore some phenomenon.  Integrate this with language arts (and math, depending on their level), having them keep a notebook with their ideas, their procedures, etc.  Have them communicate about science just as scientists do -- orally and in writing.

Check out:

And definitely look at Berkley's Understanding Science website. It is excellent.

Sonia Jimenez Sonia Jimenez 450 Points

Hi Deborah looking back at my elementary science classes, every classroom was different some teachers went out of their way to decorate their the classroom walls with bright colored words picture others just had plain pictures. I enjoyed when the classrooms have color they made me feel welcomed, also a game would always play was Kahoot.

Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12358 Points

Congrtatualtions on your desire to become a teacher. I hope you will find that there are so many rewards in this profession.

When teaching science, I like to use the Engineering Design Process to design a STEM lesson. It allows me to: select real-world topics, emphasize the “it’s okay to fail”/tweak to succeed concepts, fun, teamwork, and ask thought provoking questions. 

Enjoy every moment!

Sophia Harding Sophia Harding 170 Points

Hi Deborah, 

I definitely reccomend hands on activites, especially for elementary level students. Students at this age can get distracted easily and will not be engaged by something like a reading or video. Hands on activites can be something as little as a timed activity that is a couple of mins or it can be something like a science experiment. When I was younger, I remember doing activities like an egg drop and building a tower with marshmallows and sticks. Types of activites like these allow for the children to have fun, learn and also be able to problem solve. In terms of websites online, I have heard of the websites brainpop and NASA kids club that have been seen to be very effective with elementary students and their learning skills. 

Noah Abraham Noah Abraham 150 Points

I think incorporating hands-on or interactive acitivties will be perfect to engage kids. There is a kids coding program called Scratch that I have always loved. It's very simple to follow and teach. Students will learn how to code without even knowing it!

Carina Cantu Carina Cantu 170 Points

I also have a similiar question as a future educator. On another note, as a teacher aid I really enjoy it when the students are excited and want to learn more about the certain science topic they are learning. What i haveobserved in the classroom is that working together in teams or groups really helps. Have them present their findings on a poster, powerpoint, google slide, etc. and have a peer positive review. I've seen these in the classroom and it really helps change the classroom environment.

Roberto Gonzalez Roberto Gonzalez 420 Points

I personally have seen kids gravitate to learning about science when you use relatable experinces and how it affects them and the world around them. Kids are very curious by nature so hands on activities are also very influencial on grasping and maintaing their attention. For instance you can grow crystals and give the students a simple yet powerful explanation on how the minerals crystalize over time and form magnificent and colorful objects of nature. Wish you the best in your future lessons. :)

Mary Lasks Mary Lasks 20 Points

The most important thing is to interest the student

Jacqueline Serna Jacqueline Serna 370 Points

I would say to keep an open mind. Get to know what the students like. For instance, make sure that the students feel comfortable in a classroom. Look for things online. Pinterest is a great resource. I would not just take one from the internet but make sure you make it your own and adjust it to your class. 

Chloe Nixon Chloe Nixon 950 Points

Hello Debora, that is a great question! I think some of the best strategies would be digging into the students interests and finding more hands-on activities. Students love to be creative, find out more about their curiousities, and find things they can apply to the real-world. It is important to get to know your students so that you can help them build on their prior experiences and learn about their interests, then using that information to create appropriate hands-on activities. Another great idea is to take the classroom outside. Allow students to see how science is seen in the world and be able to make those connections. Students love going outside and exploring. Exploration is another great way to get students excited to learn about science. If all of these strategies are used right, it could increase students interests in STEAM, and increase the possibility of more students being interested in STEAM jobs. I hope this helps!


Chloe Nixon

Wartburg College '24 

Pre-Service Teacher

Jenna Foltz Jenna Foltz 20 Points

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Lauren Lyden Lauren Lyden 230 Points

As an educator, it is essential to incorporate fun science activities into your lesson plans in order to keep the students actively interested. For example, when providing your class with an engineering lesson, it is essential to allow them to become engineers and work with a team to create something unique. This will encourage your students to become interested in engineering, leaving them wanting to learn more!

Alexandria Manou Alexandria Manou 210 Points

Hi Deborah, in Science classes there are a lot of ways to make the class activities fun and beneficial for the students. Giving them projects and experiments where they can problem solve is something that I think is really important to incorporate into science classes. One example of this would be having the students build a model of something where the students will have to use trial and error to see what works best. Something I did in my high school science class was build a mini go kart. We were given certain materials and had to play around with them to see what worked best. 

Alexandra Gamero Alexandra Gamero 465 Points

Hello! Through my studies and field experience, I have found that hands-on activities for science tend to be the best way to keep students engaged and make them want to learn. But the key to these hands-on experiences is to not directly tell them the answer to the experiment and to rather let them find it on their own. An example of this could be an experiment on paper airplanes. Have students make paper airplanes and test them out. Then ask students what affected the flight of the paper airplane. Chances are they are going to be able to figure it out themselves. 

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