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Marisela Garza Marisela Garza 2525 Points

I thought this was a neat idea. I saw it at a Science and Engineering Festival. There was a table and on the table there was a poster with two animals made out of construction paper. They both had different colored eyes, tails, and ears. The children had to pick out letters from a fish bowl. The letters were uppercase and lowercase. The two animals represented the parents.  The children got to make a baby animal out of construction paper based from the letters they pulled out. ( genes) I wanted to share that idea. I saw it. I thought it was neat. The students used the letters to make  Punnet Square. The Punnet Square was already created. The students just have to place the letters in the Punnet Square, then make their animal.       

Chris Taylor Chris Taylor 5285 Points

This sounds like such a great idea!  Is there any specific instructions (handouts) you can share with this activity? Thanks so much

Cynthia Guzman Cynthia Guzman 1285 Points

This sound like a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

Ashley Morrison Ashley Morrison 1675 Points

This is definitely a fun and engaging hands on activity. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Claire Prejean Claire Prejean 760 Points

This sounds like an awesome science activity. I love that the students get a visual from seeing the "parent" animals, as well as get the practice with the Punnet square.

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