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Carlee Tallman Carlee Tallman 190 Points

As a future teacher, how would I teach natural phenomenon such as volcanoes, hurricanes, and tornadoes in the classroom? I know I can show a variety of pictures and videos but how do I make it more interactive? 

Tyler Evans Tyler Evans 490 Points

I think making sure that ties to a standard is always first, obviously. However, assuming it does, making tornado bottles is always fun! For hurricanes, doing something as simple as using food dye and a bowl of water can demonstrate how fast a hurricane moves and the directionality. For volcanoes, making paper volcanoes that look like a volcano on the outside, but show magma on the inside are cool! You could also make a pop-up volcano that has lava popping up.

Celina Rodriguez Celina Rodriguez 190 Points

I think that you would need to base it off of standards and finding activities that fit best and that you won't need too many materials for the class to work with. I think that finding a good activity with minimum materials needed is best so that you don't stress as much with having to have too many things for them. 

Abigail McGrane Abigail McGrane 735 Points

I have seen teachers use an oreo cookie to show the different tectonic plates. They break off one side of the cookie and break that in half, then put it back onto the cream. Then you can move the two part over the cream to show the plates moving and how that can create a volcano. The students really enjoyed! Also, world news and making the situation real and relavant is a great way to get the students involved and make the lesson more interactive. 

Jessica Wells Jessica Wells 331 Points

Include News articles about events as much as you can. Let the students hear first hand accounts. There is a series of books called 'I survived' that is historic fiction on diffrent events including natural phenomenon.

Kylie Tilton Kylie Tilton 400 Points

I agree that you must have it connect to standards in your grade. Hands on activities to model these natuarl occurences could work well! If they get messy with an activity you choose, taking the studnets outisde to conduct a model or experiement just adds to the content because all of these things happen outdoors! I think they are so many creative way to do this with water, funnels, food coloring, paper, baking soda, and more. 


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