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Edgar Teran Edgar Teran 515 Points

Hello, my name is Edgar Teran. I am soon to be a graduate from the University of the Rio Grande Valley as a Bilingual Elementary Teacher. I am so excited for this journey.  Elementary Science has so much knowledge and education that i am worried i wont know where to begin. Is there any advice that i could get from my fellow classmates, so i can prepare myself and give the best elementary science to my future students. 

Rossvelt Flores Rossvelt Flores 730 Points

Hello Edgar, I noticed you're about to graduate and that is a very high avhievement, I hope everything goes well for you so you can become an excellent elementary science teacher. I think it will all depend on the grade you are teaching, but one thing is for sure, I would say to always try to make the lesson entertaining because science is a very important subject, so as long as the children are intrigued, the lessons you teach will stick to them, and also always have a positive learning environment so the children can feel comfortable and learn together.


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