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STEM activity for 2nd Grade

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Evelyn Ramirez Evelyn Ramirez 1040 Points

Hello. I am currently enrolled in a science methods course. My group and I are working on creating a unit plan about density. We have created a sink or float lesson activity using oranges in the past. Now we are looking to create a lesson plan involving a STEM activity. We are thinking about having students create a boat to float. Any thoughts or ideas? 

Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12378 Points

I agree Ashley to add weight. Maybe give each student the same amount of aluminum foil to create a boat and either add pennies or marbles.

Have fun!

Ashley Whitehead Ashley Johns 1080 Points

Hi Evelyn! I think this is a great STEM activity. Are you going to have them put something in the boat to add weight? I think it would be neat to have them add pennies to the boats and see who holds the most. Overall, I think this is a great idea! 


Lauren Cramer Lauren Cramer 2025 Points

What if you have them compete in a challenge of 'float or sink' by giving them different materials, not letting them test before hand, and letting them choose which materials they want to use to 'hopefully' make their boat float. That could be fun and I can see them being competetive. 

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