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Resources for early Elementary STEM lessons

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Taylor Griffith Taylor Griffith 680 Points

Hi! I am a current college student working towards my masters in elementary education with an endorsement of STEM. I am interested in teaching the younger grade levels such as pre-k, kindergarten, first, and second. It seems that throughout my course work, finding great STEM lessons really begins at 3rd grade. Do you have any great resources or ideas for STEM lessons in the younger grades?

Jamie Wilder Jamie Wilder 1315 Points

I too am a college student and am learning about how to incorporate STEM into my elementary school classroom. I also want to teach the younger grades like first, second, or third. The resources that have already been offered to you from people have been very helpful I am sure not just to you, but to me as well. I am learning how important STEM is and I feel having as many resources as I can before starting to teach STEM if very important. Your question was a very necessary one to ask.

Wendy Goldfein Wendy Goldfein 2335 Points

We invite you to check out all of our STEM resources on our website. We have pages with archived blogs filled with ideas, a page with lessons to download, and a page with links to other resources to help you set up your own STEM classroom. Our Facebook page and Pinterest page are also filled with ideas that are updated daily. On Pinterest we have one board devoted to preschool and primary resources. By following our social media outreach platforms you will receive great STEM information that we are constantly locating and sharing. Hope this helps, Wendy

George Mehler George Mehler 1575 Points

Hello Taylor, My name is Dr. George Mehler and I am a professor of science methods at Temple University. I have been developing a YouTube channel with demonstrations for every idea that young learners should know before they enter high school. These demonstrations are free and there are a wide range of topics. I hope that you will find them helpful! Best, Dr. George Mehler Ed.D., Temple University

Stephanie Romano Stephanie Romano 1345 Points

Good Morning Taylor! I am also a college student and struggle with including STEM into teaching because I am a history major! I have been looking around online and found this website to be very helpful! I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me! Have a great day. 

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