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Laura Betancourt Laura Betancourt 275 Points

How can we encourage and get students to be hands on and motivated about science without having to require many materials? There are many people struggling at the moment and parents may not have the time or money to get materials needed. Is there a ways we can navigate these type of experiments for our students?

Karina Lucio Karina Lucio 560 Points

Hi Laura, I do think in order to have our students encouraged and motivated is by creating and them themselves participating in a hands on activity. I have actually seen many online stimulator apps and websites that can help with this. I think this can help as well as videos of other people doing similar projects. Although something that can help and might work is to use common materials easy to find at home as well as nonexpensive materials. 

Jesus Belman Jesus Belman 300 Points

Hi laura, I believe by having activities with everyday materials that can be found in their household you can get more engagment. The students will be more encouraged to padticipate.

Elizabeth Inselmann Elizabeth Inselmann 1385 Points

Hi Laura,

You could also assign projects and have your students find the materials they would use. Do you have any project ideas? 

All the best, 

Lizzy Inselmann 

Cayla Walker Cayla Walker 360 Points

One way to keep children entertained through distant learning is by sharing screens and trying to find activities that involves discussion. It is important to ask questions frequently and randomly to keep student aware.

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