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Rebecca Foushee Becky Foushee 80 Points

I am a first year teacher and I have just taken a postition teaching 9th grade Earth Science after student teaching in 7th grade Earth Science.  How can I make the content I will teach more 'high school?'

I am concerned that I am repeating the same lessons that these 9th graders had in middle school since AZ state standards have changed to include a year of earth and space science in 9th grade.

How do I make lessons more NGSS and less vocabulary memorization?


That's a lot of questions!  Any books/websites/blogs/really smart people?

Cris DeWolf Cris DeWolf 11965 Points

Hello Becky-

NSTA has some high school resources that have been vetted, with suggestions made to make the activities more aligned with NGSS. They can be found here:


Also, there are several facebook groups - in additon to NESTA - that may be helpful.

Astronomy Teachers:

NGSS Earth Science Teachers:

Earth Science and the Next Generation Science Standards:

Try searching the NSTA site for Earth & Space Science resources - you get quite a list!

Cheryl Manning Cheryl Manning 580 Points

Hi Becky!

I am so excited that you will be teaching Earth Science in a high school setting. As a geologist and high school EarthSci teacher, I thoroughly enjoy sharing geology, oceanography, atmospheric sciences and astronomy with my students because the Earth and Space Sciences integrate concepts from the physical and life sciences in the context of time, space, and processes that affect us all.

The National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA is a membership organization on Twitter @NESTA_US and Facebook) can hook you up with a variety of resources that are hosted on the website. You should register on SERC's website to get access to lots of great Earth Science teaching supports.

I am sharing some of the resources from presentations I have given at NSTA conferences. I am in the process of organizing a bunch of my resources on a new website but in the meantime, I am happy to share what I have with you. Email me directly if you are interested.

Cheryl L. B. Manning, MS-Geology, NBCT

[email protected]


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