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Patricia Rourke Patricia Rourke 45925 Points

Tis the holiday season and ACS led a web seminar on Holiday Chemistry in 2012. Attached are 5 items from that webinar that may lead you to create some inquiry that will reflect holidays that some of the students celebrate. Since we all work in classes with a diversity of student cultures, please share your lessons with us. Your ideas may stimulate another to design an interesting inquiry for others, too. Mentoring and sharing are what we are all about. ~patty

Holiday Chemistry ACS_2012 Collection (5 items)
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Cindy Rivera Cindy Rivera 3210 Points

Patricia, I really enjoyed your collection. This is awesome information that I can use with my students for the holidays. Thank you for sharing. I need all the ideas and help that I can get.

Patricia Rourke Patricia Rourke 45925 Points

You are most welcome, Cindy. Let us know what you use and chat a bit about the responses of your students. Thanks a bunch for sharing. ~patty

Sue Garcia Sue Garcia 42675 Points

Patricia, I just forwarded this to some former colleagues. I think they are going to be pleased with both the variety and Holiday fun. Thanks.

Patricia Rourke Patricia Rourke 45925 Points

Sharing is great, Sue, and the circle continues to expand. Students really enjoy something seasonal when appropriate. ~patty

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